How To Choose The Best Electric Shaver For You

If you’re like me, it’s taken you a while to finally make the upgrade from your traditional blades. Whilst they’re not the most efficient, standard manual razors get the job done for a cheap price and you never felt the need to yet you’ve suddenly looked back and realised how much money you’ve collectively spent. It’s time to move on and buy an electric shaver but you’ve found yourself overwhelmed by all the options! No need to worry, it’s easier to choose than you think. To help you choose from the multitude of different brands and makes, just look for these few things to find the most ideal shaver for you.


What do you want to see in your electric shaver? There are various aspects and qualities to consider when you think about which one you want to buy and use. Each one has different advantages and disadvantages to what you want and you need to consider these when compared to the price you’ll be paying. Some are more expensive than others and you need to be able to gauge whether or not the price is worth it.

Foil or Rotary: This is perhaps the most important decision you’ll have to make when it comes to choosing the best electric shaver for you. Foil and rotary are the two main types of shaver and both will be used for different purposes. Foil is for use if you shave regularly, used to remove stubble daily and give a closer shave to neat straight hair. Rotary is used for people who don’t shave so regularly, trapping long hair between the blades and giving less of a close shave for rough and unkept hair. Depending on how often you intend to shave, this is important to consider.

Wired or Cordless: The next important step in your quest to buy the most ideal electric shaver is to look at whether you want one that needs to be plugged in or a battery operated one. Nowadays, most are cordless and battery operated, only the cheaper ones require being plugged into a mains supply. This means the cordless ones need to be charged and can’t be used whilst in the charging position. This shouldn’t be too much of a problem and gives you more freedom to move around whilst shaving and even use it in the shower if your shaver is a newer waterproof model.


Waterproof: Do you want to be able to use your electric shaver in the shower? If so, you’ll have to make sure to find one that is able to be used in water. A cordless one is certainly the way to go for this and you will find waterproof ones to be a little more pricey but if you prefer a wet shave then this is the best option for you.

Charging: Many of the top-of-the-line shavers come included with a charging display that allows you to see just how much time of shaving you can get done before you need to throw it on charge. These can be useful but certainly not necessary when taking into account what you want from your electric shaver. Some may boast quick charging, allowing you to go for a shower and then have the shaver be charged for when you get out, making it effective for a quick shave after you’ve washed. These can be useful but will add to the price so think carefully about whether this is useful to you.

Beard combing: If you’re a man with a nice beard to fit then you’re only going to want to trim. With a good beard, comes a lot of care to make sure it looks good. Checking to see if your shaver comes with a beard comb attachment is certainly useful as it can make maintaining and keeping your beard well looked after much easier.